About US

My name is Sara Hill.

I’m based in Tottenham and I’m passionate about teaching first aid skills and teaching people to become Mental Health First Aiders. Teaching ordinary people how to save lives is one of the best things anyone can do. Especially as I myself owe my life to my quick-acting aunt, who gave me CPR and rescue breaths when I was just 3 years old, after finding me not breathing and turning blue!

Why Theamata?

It means 'Things I See' Or 'Things to be Seen' in ancient Greek.  The name really appealed to me, as practical training is really important to me.  I'm also a business consultant and artist, so it covers all bases.

I’ve taught courses to a wide range of businesses including,TV engineers, kickboxers, builders, respite care centres, well known theatres and ballet companies, high end retail,foodbanks, private school 6th formers and private members clubs

In my previous career, I was a senior manager in the TV industry for many years and I’m very comfortable in corporate settings. I’ve also done a lot of volunteer work, especially over lockdown, and enjoy working with non-profits.  I pride myself on creating interactive, enjoyable courses that bring in scenarios and exercises appropriate to the class.  I work with a small team of trusted freelancers and we cover the whole of London and surrounding areas. 

When I’m not teaching, I love travelling, running, skiing, paddle boarding, outdoor swimming, going to festivals, drawing and painting watercolours.

Keen to expand my skills, in October 2021, I completed a week-long FREC 3 (L3 First Responder Emergency Care Course) and work at events as a medic. I have an Enhanced DBS certificate.  I am already planning to take further courses next year to develop my knowledge and skill set.

Please get in touch for a chat and I’d be delighted to discuss your needs.