First Aid For Mental Health

What is First Aid For Mental Health?

Talking about Mental health has never been more important, especially after the past few traumatic years, where the pandemic has brought about varying degrees of change in everyone's lives.  Knowing how to recognise signs and symptoms and talk about it, is even more important!  Whether it's for personal development, or to help bring about a positive mental health culture in your workplace, charity or volunteer group; the courses below can help raise awareness, educate, eliminate stigma, open conversations and help people to signpost to reliable sources of help and advice. 

Helping people to help people and perhaps even help themselves!


Building a strong mental health culture in the work place is a win win for both employers and employees and can also also help the bottom line.  Supported and happy staff, can help reduce the costs of staff turnover and also increase productivity.  


I am a qualified NUCO L3 Mental Health First Aid instructor and my (RQF) mental health courses are delivered through NUCO.


All courses can be offered in person or online. Please get in touch to find out more.

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